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About Us

Who we are, is about where we come from.

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.

  • History

    We gained our experience in the early days of the Internet industry in India, circa 2000. We built large businesses, failed, succeeded and learnt along the way. We understood what it meant to be an entrepreneur and how to deliver shareholder value, while creating something memorable. At some point, we decided that what we had learnt, was valuable to others who were going through that same journey. The landscape had changed, but so had we. That's how IdeaWaveLabs was born. Now we work with amazing entrepreneurs and investors specifically focused on India and the C.I.S. region.

  • Approach

    "Entrepreneur-turned-investor is a classic story arc in Silicon Valley but recently the plot has earned a twist. Certain operators are foregoing the traditional path of joining a traditional VC to instead create a movie studio-like holding operation. By doing so, they remain engaged with the grit and grassroots challenges of building a startup. They remain company builders..." – from Tech Crunch 2013, The Rise of Company Builders

  • Culture

    We act as 'co-builder' or 'co-founders' and not investors. We therefore are selective about whom we choose to work with. Our culture is collaborative, solution-oriented and commitment obsessed.

  • Method

    It takes a while for us to decide whom we choose to work with in a given year and we must admit, we're still trying to streamline this process. However, once we choose to work with you, we act fast, with a focus on 'rapid prototyping'. We work towards going live in 90 Days, with paying customers or the ability to raise the next round of funding within 365 Days of going live.


Strive for the perfect balance
between form and function.

Communicate with clarity, be complex
but never complicated.

Constructive collegiality is key
to the stimulation of ideas.

Question standard norms before
choosing to obey them.

Embrace the difficult decision
that drive creativity forward.

Trust in collaboration
the hallmark of our work.